The All New 6 1/2 lb Steakosaurus Challenge!!
Step right up and be a Winner!!!
New Challenge, New Victors, New Rewards!!

Welcome to the newest creation from Family Pizzeria, THE STEAKOSAURUS.
Darren Breeden took down this 6 1/2 pound sirlion monster in his very first attempt. He now is only the 3rd person
to complete the challenge, and only the 2nd person to complete both challenges. He left with a SWEET Challenge Tee,
a very full belly, and $20 in his pocket. If your a one man eating machine, C'mon by and challenge yourself today!
And from all of us here at Family Pizzeria, good luck!

Steakosaurus Challenge Rules
Challengers must be 18 years old or be with parent/guardian
willing to take responsibility for them.
One (1) person must eat an entire Steakosaurus sub, including
alltoppings and bread, in 45 minutes or less.
Any topping may be substituted for another of the (5) vegetable toppings,
(ex. If you'd like no mushrooms, we will addextra green peper, lettuce,
tomato, or onion to make up the difference.
If the sub exits your body at any time, you will be disqualified.
Any beverage is allowed during the challenge (Soda, Water, Beer-if over 21,ect.).
Challengers must remain in the dining area the entire challenge (No bathroom breaks).
If you feel the need to heave/vomit/upchuck you must exit the building and do your
business behind the dumpster out the right side of the building. If you and/or your partner
heaves/vomits/upchucks anywhere in the building or the parking lot(other than the
designated area) you will be charged a $50 clean up fee.
If the Challenge is completed within the allotted time, $20 dollars will be awarded to the challenger,
along with a Steakosaurus challenge t-shirt (only available to those who complete the challenge).
In additon, the Steakosaurus and Non-Alcoholic beverages will be paid for by Family Pizzeria.
The challengers are required to pay for the Steakosaurus and all beverages should
the Challenge not be completed in full.
Challengers may lose as many times as they wish, but you may only Win the challenge ONCE.
** Family Pizzeria has the right to modify rules if deemed necessary. **

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